“Oh, Thou Maker of All Things….Please send locusts.  Far-reaching famine.  And a pox for good measure.  Amen.”  Nobody prays like this… do they?  Well, maybe we do, but we don’t realize it.  Sometimes it’s best to ask for “grace” – pure and simple.  Or to say, “Thy Will be done.”

Because at times, whether you realize it or not, you’re asking for trouble.  We’ve all been in that place where we’re asking God for something that really isn’t in our best interests.  Holding onto a relationship or a job that sucks the life out of you may not exactly be what God had in mind for you.

Life after my marriage ended wasn’t easier; it was better.  It’s better not to hold onto something that no longer exists.  It’s a relief not to have turmoil and tension in my home.  Sometimes we may even find ourselves nostalgic for what wasn’t working because we’re not sure what the future holds.  We might think, Well, this situation is toxic, but what will I do next?  How can I ….. fill in the blank.  Support my family.  Pay the bills.  Fix the plumbing.  On my own.

Now I know.  You have to leave the door open to whatever may come, and you have to remember you’re not on the road alone.

It’s taken some time to re-train my mind, but these days, I don’t pray for things I don’t want, like crabgrass, a goiter or a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.  I’ve learned to get into the groove of grace.  Please open the door for me.  Help me walk through.  Please allow me to work for what I want.  Then I’ll know I’ve earned it.  Please bless me with self-determination and focus, wide open spaces and cozy nooks with a good book.

After all, life is what you make it. Prayer is Who you know.