Between them, Sue, Lori and Ruth cover a wide range in terms of US geography and Faith.

Lori started out life on the West Coast, a California girl.  Faith and prayer have always been a big part of Lori’s life but given that she was born on Christmas Day, this isn’t a big surprise.  Now living in Kansas, Lori prays powerfully and often, taking her cares, concerns and triumphs to God.  Lori is Catholic but has seen that there are a wealth of paths leading people to the Ultimate Truth.

In the middle of the US, Sue lives in Missouri.  Presbyterian, she has always held her faith close and often quiet.  She carries on a running dialog with God although it has only been in the last several years that she has sought to strengthen her prayer practice often drawing on those around her who come from a variety of Faiths.

Traveling to the East Coast brings us to Ruth in New Jersey.  Ruth is like many Americans in that she has no particular religious affiliation.  That said, she prayed in her youth and has again found comfort in prayer as an adult.  She may not pray in a formal house of worship, but she holds her cares up in thoughtful, considered prayer to the One who Answers.

We are all freelance writers and met when we all took jobs with an interfaith website.  There, we learned to lay out our prayers in a written form and to riff off each other in Faith-based discussions.  These discussions and sharing our Faith with others became such an important part of our lives that we created this blog.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and, please, do join in the discussion.