I’ve seen this most recent quote at work over the past year.  One of our most enthusiastic church members has been suffering with cancer.  And in this case I choose the word suffering in a somewhat ironic sense.  Because he went from a robust vibrant baseball coach to a retired less-robust but still upbeat personality.

It has been seriously eye-opening.

No “woe is me.”  No “I’ve lost X amount of weight.”

Terry is an upbeat reminder of God’s goodness and glory.  In spite of chemo brain, what Terry calls his most recent absent-mindedness brought on by chemo, he can still quote more Bible verses than I can when I have a print Bible in hand.   And as he cheerfully points out, “everyday on this side of the turf is a good one.”

He is also a strong proponent of doing what you can.  Thus while he cannot go on a mission trip or build a new home, he can study scripture, he can pray, he can turn to God.  Although he never lists these things, he can also smile and cheer the rest of us through our eyes with his upbeat attitude.

Small pleasures.  Basking in the glory of God.  Sharing a smile.  All are accessible to the vast majority.  Thank God.