I’m so confused about this/I’m so trusting God about this

This is impossible to endure/This is building my resilience

Life isn’t fair/Life is a mystery, unfolding before my eyes

I’m not who I want to be/I’m a work in progress

My heart has been broken/My heart is open now to my true beloved

All my friends have forsaken me/My kindred community is about to find me

I don’t have enough to meet my needs/I’ve learned to live simply and trust God to provide

There are times when I feel all alone/There are times when God teaches me through stillness

I have so much baggage holding me back/Grace carries all the weight on my soul

I’m holding on to hurts/I’m going to let go and let God

This road seems so long/This is the scenic route

I can’t make it to the mountaintop/I’ll find peace in the valley

I have so many questions/I need only one answer

Times are so bad/God is so good