Yesterday we had a new experience at our church.  We worked with a number of other local congregations to care for local homeless.  We helped something like 200 people.  They got a hot meal and clean clothing.  Children got shoes, a stuffed animal and a book.  Pastor Sean and I painted faces.  There was a band and a lady doing balloon animals.  Two hundred people got to come in out of the 90+ degree heat for the day.

What impressed me most was that for the most part these people were just people.  The kids and I discussed super heroes, favorite classes, and teachers that are too strict.

With the adults, I discussed the age-old St. Louis question – where did you go to school?  I hedged my bets a little and pointed out that my mom graduated from Beaumont.  She and her parents went to Cote Brilliant Presbyterian Church.  A school and a church deep in the city.

Little boys teased me about my favorite comic book character (Loki) and the little girls talked me into letting them help paint.

Yes, I saw signs of problems deeper than homelessness.  A few people clearly had substance abuse problems and/or mental illness.  But for the most part? They were just people.  And their kind words thanking me for taking time with their children lit my heart.

We are all connected with the lamplight that shines from the love of God.  Definitely something we should remember.