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I belong to an accountability group.  We are a mixed group of writers – essayists, novelists, and children’s writers.  Our goal?  To keep each other going when things get tough.

Last year, one of my goals was to rough out a novel.  That should be do-able.  Right?  After all, I can write several nonfiction books for teens every year.

Let’s just say that this goal was unrealistic.  And as soon as I realized this, I got less and less done.  I just wasn’t motivated.

What I really needed to do was break things down into bite sized pieces.  As my friend Kathryn says, “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”

Small steps taken by one person add up.  So do small tasks accomplished by many.  Each accomplishment may seem tiny and inconsequential but as a whole it is another story.

Trip by trip, the bees fill the hive with  nectar.  One bee, one trip, couldn’t do it.  But many bees working together? Crops are pollinated.  The hive is filled with nectar.  The bees survive the winter and the bee keeper even has a sweet treat.

What could we accomplish step by step if we worked together?





I’ve heard tell of a time when people used to work together even if they didn’t see eye to eye on every single thing.  That is definitely a time we need to recall and to reinvigorate.

I think of this when I read the mounting allegations against Roy Moore.  Al Franken is implicated once.  He resigns.  Allegation after allegation is made against Moore but Republicans make it clear.  They’d rather vote for him than a Democrat.   Why?  Because he’s a heathen Democrat.  Aren’t you listening?

Yes, yes. I am.  But I’m not buying what you’re selling.  It is time to straighten out our priorities.  And if I’m not mistaken, just like “I’ve heard tell,” that’s something Grandad used to say.




Have a Mary Little Christmas

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