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temple with text 2It was only three words in a Facebook comment.  “How are you?”

I was tempted to give the socially acceptable response.  “Fine.”

But the reality of the matter was very different.  The last week had been rough with unexpected expenses and a cancelled trip.  Then a family member had a cancer scare and her own share of unplanned bills and household disasters.  Next came the icing on the cake with a phone call from the social worker.  “It looks like dementia.”

Nope.  I was definitely not fine, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to admit it.

I didn’t lie and type fine.  I simply didn’t answer.  Instead I kept the window open for hours.  Every now and again, I’d click over to it but I didn’t answer.  I even refreshed the screen a few times to see if that would solve things.

Finally, I typed out my response.  I told my friend what was going on in my life.  But I didn’t send it right away.  If I just left it sitting there, maybe the computer would spontaneously reboot and the message would be lost.

At last, I clicked the mouse and my message was on its way.  “I would appreciate a prayer or twelve.”

My friend and her husband are both devout Christians and her answer didn’t surprise me.  They are both holding my whole family up in prayer.

And, you know what?  It’s working.  Simply knowing that people are praying for us is a weight off my shoulders.  I’m not going it alone.   There are people all around me holding us up.  I am indeed part of a community of believers.

All I had to do was open my eyes and see them all around me, and then ask.



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