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Recently my college son decided that he wanted to try contact lenses.  This is something I wouldn’t let him try when he was younger.  I can’t wear contacts.  As soon as my eyes detect anything, the tears come.  And I’m not talking moist eyes.  I’m talking tears running down my face and washing out the contact lens.

But he’s twenty.  He’s old enough to make decisions and deal with them.

At Crown Optical he did great.  They were impressed with how quickly he got them in.  He had a bit of trouble getting them out but after about ten minutes, he managed.

He wore them for a while yesterday when he got home from work but after about two hour was ready to take them out.  The right one presented no trouble. The left?  There was cussing and banging.  Yeah, I’m not sure about the banging.  After about 20 minutes, he got the left one out too.  He looked like someone jabbed him in the eye.

It doesn’t matter if it is a task you put before yourself or one that God intended for you.  If you don’t try, you can’t succeed.  And even if the first attempt is less than ideal, more often than not, we get another chance.

Try, try again.  And just think?  Ninety-nine percent of the time, it doesn’t require putting your finger in your eye.


I’m not sure why it is there but whoever designed the addition to our original church building decided to include a courtyard.  it is about 20 feet squared with an open top.  In the summer it is a bit of a hot box.  For years we had one member who took care of it as a tribute to his late wife, but when Kinny died nobody immediately took up the mantle, or in this case the trowel.

The chairs aged and were unsafe to sit on.  Weeds took over the beds crowding the roses and the dogwood.  The pergola stood tall not because of upkeep but because it is PVC.  It will be there for decades.

People talked about fixing it up.  But no one got around to it in part because it is kept locked and few people have access to the area.

But one person wouldn’t give up on the idea that it mattered.  She had faith and a niggling idea that good things would happen if she just tried.

So she came in and got the key in the front office.  She weeded and clipped.  She hauled and she watered.  And she waited to see what would happen come spring.  Faith often involves a lot of waiting.

Only a handful of hyacinth came up.  And none of the tulips had survived.  But last week she opened the blinds for the entire choir to see.

Roses and primroses galore.  All because one person had faith that she could make a difference.

Listen carefully and you will likely hear a still small voice nudging you to take a stance, take action, and make a difference.  Whether or not you step forward is often a matter of faith.  The best thing about faith is that even a little can enable you to do something striking if only you will try.





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