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Way back when our twenty year-old was a tot, we ate out a lot.  Nightly meal prep in our house always started with the same question.  One of us would ask, “What do you want for dinner?”  The standard reply?  “I don’t know.  What do you want?”  Neither person wanted to make a decision because if you suggested something, the other person would often say, “No, what else could we have?”

More often than not, I was the exhausted mother of a toddler.  My husband was the one saying, no but then never had a suggestion.  To me, this seemed awfully passive aggressive, but how often can you point that out?   So to avoid a fight, I’d suggest we eat out and he’d often say yes.

Money was tight and, when we made the decision to move to a better part of town, money got even tighter.  Something had to change.

I read somewhere about a weekly meal plan and we decided to give it a try.  Each weekend we make a plan for the week.  My husband does the shopping.  And each night we walk in the kitchen.  “Oh, tonight we’re having a BLT salad.”  “Thursday we’re having waffles.”

When we prayed for a solution, we were hoping for more money.  Instead, God led us to try something new, a solution that we’ve been working with for well over a dozen years.  Pray, listen and be ready to try something new.



Recently my college son decided that he wanted to try contact lenses.  This is something I wouldn’t let him try when he was younger.  I can’t wear contacts.  As soon as my eyes detect anything, the tears come.  And I’m not talking moist eyes.  I’m talking tears running down my face and washing out the contact lens.

But he’s twenty.  He’s old enough to make decisions and deal with them.

At Crown Optical he did great.  They were impressed with how quickly he got them in.  He had a bit of trouble getting them out but after about ten minutes, he managed.

He wore them for a while yesterday when he got home from work but after about two hour was ready to take them out.  The right one presented no trouble. The left?  There was cussing and banging.  Yeah, I’m not sure about the banging.  After about 20 minutes, he got the left one out too.  He looked like someone jabbed him in the eye.

It doesn’t matter if it is a task you put before yourself or one that God intended for you.  If you don’t try, you can’t succeed.  And even if the first attempt is less than ideal, more often than not, we get another chance.

Try, try again.  And just think?  Ninety-nine percent of the time, it doesn’t require putting your finger in your eye.


Those who know me well are laughing themselves silly over today’s quote. I am beyond terrified of heights.  Try to get me on a step stool to change a light bulb and you will discover just how little a person can do when she won’t let go and use both hands.  My husband has told me that watching me reglaze windows on a ladder is painful.  Yeah, well being up there isn’t a treat either, buddy!

My kid?  Sometimes I think aliens dropped him off.  Hopper window at the top of the fellowship hall won’t close?  No biggie.  Guess who does a chin up onto the roof to check it out?  Yeah, I wasn’t there when he did that one.

As much as I loathe getting both feet off the ground, I will reach when it comes to trying new things.  That’s what makes writing and yoga so much fun. There’s always something new to try.  And, lucky for me, God is always challenging us to use our special talents to help others out.

That said sometimes I still have to push myself to let go.



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