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Last night, I had the chance to chat with our minister.  Our church is hosting a series of dinners.  Come in because you are hungry.  Come in because you want to spend time with other people.  Whatever.  Food and fellowship are here and you are welcome.

I’m not sure how many people we had the first time we did this.  40?  45?

Needless to say, the organizers were disappointed. But these things take time to build momentum.  One of the things that we’re taught in the publishing world is that you need to make a positive impression about 4 times before you can expect someone to give you a chance.

Like it or not, we human beings can be a tad suspicious.  You seem to be offering me something but what’s your angle?  We’ve all been taken in by the high school friend who just wants to get together but just happens to have all of the paperwork for a prime investment opportunity in a briefcase.

So even doing good can be an uphill struggle.  And that’s okay.  Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes.




Yesterday was an all around stormy day meaning that the storms were both literal and figurative.  Leaving the gym, I got to make a choice.  Rain jacket covering me or my yoga gear?  I decided to protect my mat which sops up water much more easily than it releases it again.  But we’ve been in a drought so rain is good.

Still, I could have lived without the flickering power and the lost job.  Yep.  Got home only to discover that an assignment had been pulled.  Well, not quite pulled.  I could keep it if I didn’t mind  . . .   I’ve said no to the new terms before and I said no again.  Oh, well.  I’ve been meaning to work on that novel.

But wait.  Then I found out about another possible job.  I’m still waiting on the details for this one but it looks like things may work out for the better.  I couldn’t have fit this one in if I still had the other.

I don’t think of myself as a particularly faithful or trusting person.  I question God all the time.  In fact, question is probably a tad polite.  But when I finish a job or a company I’m working for quite using freelancers, something else always comes my way.  And the funny thing?  Many are amazing experiences that I never would have looked for on my own.  God definitely has my back but the storms?  I wouldn’t mind a smoother transition.




A guy knocked on our door a few days ago. “I was working in your neighbor’s yard, and I noticed your oak tree,” he said. “It looks bad. Needs to come down. I’ll do it for [insert reasonable price]. Also noticed you don’t have a chimney; I’ll haul the wood away, too.”

“Just a minute,” I told him. I called my husband.

“Honey,” he said, “the tree is fine. That guy just wants the wood so he can sell it.”

There you go. That’s my life. I’m cursed with gullibility; I believe what people tell me and don’t look for hidden messages, hidden agendas, hidden emotions. It causes me no end of trouble. I once complained to a psychologist that one of my co-workers had deceived me; I hadn’t expected it at all. “Are you stupid?” she asked.

Maybe I am. Or maybe I’m honest and expect others to be so, too. If you say you’re my friend, I believe you. And it will take many metaphorical strikes over the head with a giant mallet to change that status. I guess, in the end, I want to believe people. I want them to be honest. I want them to be better than perhaps they really are.

That doesn’t seem so stupid…does it?


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