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Yes, social justice has been in my mind a lot lately.

Righting wrongs is never easy.  You have to change the old ways.  You have to establish new ways.  And you have to keep at it until the new ways become common place.

But social justice is so worth the effort.

Start with a small goal.  Take the love of God into the situation.  Rinse and repeat at needed.




Love your neighbor as yourself works best when your neighbor is defined rather broadly.  That’s the whole point in the tale of the Good Samaritan.  The Samaritan wasn’t of the same culture.  He didn’t live next door or, most likely, in the same neighborhood.  In fact, he could actually get in trouble for helping the man who was in distress.

Remember “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”?  If the Samaritan tried to help and the man died, his family would probably take revenge on the Samaritan.  After all, wasn’t he the last person seen with the victim?  The Samaritan could take shelter in a city of refuge, but his family would still be at risk, because the victim’s family could seek revenge against a son, brother or nephew.

Still, the Samaritan helped.  And he wasn’t just an anonymous helper on the side of the road.  He took the victim to an inn, spoke to the innkeeper and sacrificed his anonymity.

The Samaritan didn’t say, “He looks different.  He worships different.  I don’t even know him.”  He looked at a man in need and saw his neighbor.  Just a little something to think about.


Listen and then carefully consider your response.  Take the time to pray and contemplate.

Dad always used to tease me (and still does) because I always ask “why?”  I had one friend who was kicked out of Sunday school for asking questions?  Fortunately, our pastor welcomed it and used to sit down and talk to the kids when we questioned things.

Have a Mary Little Christmas

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