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Just how much impact can one good deed have? If you speak your mind about an injustice, will anyone notice?

Israeli graphic designer Ronny Edry probably wondered much the same thing when he put up his first poster. He started with a photo of himself and his daughter and a small Israeli flag. The text on the poster was simple. “Iranians, We will never bomb your country. We love you.”

At the time, many Israeli policy analysts were pushing to bomb Iran before Iran could bomb Israel. The message was clear. “We need to move first before its too late.”

But Edry, a former paratrooper had been hearing this rhetoric for 10 years. All that seemed to change was the alleged number of bombs possessed by Iran. In the minds of Israeli citizens, this number was vast.

What could one simple poster do against this much fear and hatred? Watch the video and find out. No, it isn’t short but you will be truly amazed. Who would have thought that the work of one graphic artist could become the top hit when googling Israel or Iran? Not a site pushing war. Not a site feeding fear.

We Love You is a very powerful message indeed and I can’t help but believe that Ronny Edry is what Pastor Carol meant when she discussed being a thin place.


On Sunday, Pastor Carol spoke about what the Celts call thin places, spots where the wall between our world and the spiritual world is thin, and sometimes, if conditions are just right, you get a glimpse of that other world. Then she gave us a challenge.

Be thin places between God and the people around you.

How can a person be a place? Read on.

In the Bible, we read about Moses speaking to God and, afterwards, glowing with the Holy Spirit. Moses was a thin place bringing a touch of the Spirit to his followers.

Where and when are you most likely to encounter the Spirit? Often, when I gain a sense of the Holy, it is through some piece of music. Whether I am singing in the choir or simply listening, sometimes I feel a shiver and goose bumps run up my arms. Something rare and amazing has happened and I have been touched.

When this happens, I’m never inclined to do is turn my back on the Spirit and head out into the world and all its problems. But what if that is what I’m meant to do?

Musing over Pastor Carol’s words, I wonder. Maybe I am meant to take this electrifying moment out into the world. Maybe these is the times I am most able to act as a thin place and allow those around me a glimpse at the Holy Spirit.



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