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I have to admit it.  I don’t watch the Super Bowl.  No, I don’t have anything against the 49ers or the Kansas City (Missouri!) Chiefs.  I’m just not into football and blessedly neither are my husband or son.  But I’ve heard a lot about the halftime show. There were criticism of J-Lo’s skimpy clothing.  Hmm.  Why aren’t there same people complaining about the cheerleaders?

Then there was the griping about that “strange thing” Shakira did with her tongue.  Seriously?  Now we’re complaining about people’s tongues?  But a friend of a friend explained to us that it is cultural, something the Lebanese do to show joy.  I’m not even going to get into all the fuss and bother about the dancing.  Hint: That was cultural too.

Moments like these I realize that as a nation we are just a tiny bit clueless.  We believe that we are tolerant if we let you put your foot, appropriately clad and not doing anything odd, on our soil.  You are now free to be just like us.

But we forget that tolerance really means letting you be you while I am me.  It means standing up for you and you and even you way over there.  Yeah, you.  The one with the hot pink hair.  It means saying no to anything that strips the humanity from other people.

Jesus showed tolerance when he walked among the people and healed Samaritans as well as Romans.  And he called on us to stand up for those who are imprisoned, without foot, lacking shelter.  Sequins and halftime shows?  I don’t think those were even on the radar for which I am grateful.


Or the humanity of someone else.  We have, after all, been charged to help the least among us.  Like Miss Ruth said all so well, if you can’t be bothered, step aside.  Enough is enough already.


This is a saying that I can see as the heart of a parable.  Why?  Because it is really about so much more than planting a tree.

It is about all of those days where you find out about a mistake that you, or someone else, made days, weeks or months ago.  Do you fix the mistake or throw up your hands in defeat?

It probably comes as no great surprise, that I’m a fixer.  I research and fiddle and compare until I get it to work.  I am very “I’ll do it myself.”

But that also means that I have I hard time acknowledging that someone else might now how to do it.  More than once my husband has come along with the solution only to get snarled at.  Not that that stops him.  He too is a fixer.

And that’s what we need today.  People who are willing to fix things that have been wrong for a long, long time.  That’s what Ruth wrote about in her post, Somethings Got to Change. When people of any given demographic know that they will be WRONG simply because they are black/male/unemployed or whatever, then something has got to change.

That’s what being the hands and feet of Christ is all about.  Helping those who are the least in our society.  Fixing what has been wrong for a very long time.


Trying to do social media on my phone is a bit of a nightmare so I have to admit that when we leave town I leave it all behind. Facebook?  Twitter?  Yeah, my phone isn’t cooperating.

So I was a little surprised when I got home and everyone was griping about Nike.  Burning their gear.  Cutting off the swoosh logo.

As a hardcore introvert, people often baffle me and I assumed that that was the issue.  People are just kind of odd, you know?

It probably took me two days to connect Collin Kaepernick to the whole thing.  Seriously, when I’m clueless, I don’t mess around.

Now that I’ve caught on, I almost feel compelled to go out and buy a pair of shoes.  What’s stopping me?  I hate shopping.  And I don’t need a pair of shoes.  And I’ve never worn Nike, but that may change.

Because I really respect Kaepernick.  I respect him for having the nerve to risk a multi-million dollar contract over a stance.  I respect him for the stance he chose – I’m kind of nutty about freedom.  And I respect him for sticking with it even when things heated up.

But Kaepernick took a knee for people who aren’t heard and seen as they should be because he knew he could be heard. He stood up for the least of these.

As much as I hate shopping, I may have to make a stop.



In my heart and mind, I know Langston Hughes said it right.  I just wish that I had memorized his words.  Not long ago, a friend asked us why our church has a green committee.  What on earth does environmentalism have to do with

Heart beat.


Mute confusion.

Finally after far too long I pulled together a coherent answer.  Caring for the environment is part of God’s call to mankind to be stewards of the earth.  Not exploiters.  Stewards.  That involves care and awareness.

But environmentalism also has to do with social justice.  The poor and exploited are the ones at risk of not having clean water, healthy food and an environment that isn’t actively killing them.  Do unto others.  Love your brother.  Take care of the earth.

For me, they are all strands of faith.  But, like I said, too bad I didn’t have this poem memorized.



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