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Thank you, Lord…

Thank you for the clothes on my back and the ones in the laundry room as well.

Thank you for the food on my plate and in my refrigerator.

Thank you for the roof over my head and the floor beneath my feet.

Thank you for those who make my life richer, friends and family scattered across the globe.

Thank you for second chances, do overs and one more opportunity to do your work.

Thank you for the blessings which are too many to count.

Thank you, Lord.



You’ve heard it before:
that tale about the two sisters.
One relevant moment with a fairy and wham! —
Each time they open their mouths, out fly judgments:
Flowers and jewels for the good sister,
snakes and stones for the bad one.
Let us forsake the topic of practicality:
You could chip a tooth on a ruby,
not to mention choking on a toad.

I have lived this story and so have you.
When I breathe a discordant word,
I might as well expel an asp.
But put words of thanks on my lips,
and suddenly —
a spray of petals, bright diamonds,
a shining array of good and gracious.

It is time to decide your gifts:
Which sister will you be?
For me, I give thanks:
for shoes in the closet,
for heat in my home,
for food so plentiful,
I think of dieting.

O God, O Provider of all,
make of my words
all that is precious,
all that is holy:
May I return to you your gifts
in rose-hushed prayer
and sparkling praise.

This is the anthem that our choir sang today, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.


Who have you invited to share in your Blessings?

Heavenly Lord,
We thank You.
We thank You for the world around us.
You gave us this, our first home,
and asked only that we care for it well.
Thank You for giving us so much.

We thank You.
We thank You for the people around us.
You gave us each other,
Family, friends and strangers,
and asked only that we share Your love.
Thank You for giving us so much.

We thank You.
We thank You for showing us the way.
You walked among us and
showed us how to love,
and asked only that we cross boundaries as You did.
Thank You for showing us how.

We thank You.
We thank You, Lord,
For this our greatest home,
For the people you put in our path,
And for the examples of Love You put before us.
Thank You for giving us so much.

We ask only that you give us
the heart
the courage
and the compassion to do Your will
and share what You have freely given.

For this,
And so much more,
We thank You.




Have a Mary Little Christmas

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