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This quote by Arthur Ashe is one of my favorites.  Probably because I had a DIY mentality before DIY was a thing.  My mom always told me that even when I was little, she would tell me that something wouldn’t work X way and she’d look over to see me staring.  And staring. And staring.  She knew I was trying to work out a solution.

Not that I always had what I needed to solve the problem.  Sometimes I had to go my grandad.  Or my mom.  Or my dad.  Working together we had a whole different set of skills than I had working alone.

That’s something I have to remember as an adult.  God gave me talents and I need to use them.  When I do, I can accomplish quite a bit.  But God gave other people talents as well and they very often complement my own.  Working together?  We can do even more.

When I am faced with a task that is to great for me alone, I have to remember that one of the talents God gave me is the ability to ask for help.  What one cannot do alone, two or three or four may be needed to accomplish.



Charism. What is it and what does it have to do with spirituality? Quite a lot, actually. You probably know charism’s lingual cousin, charisma, the power to draw others in through personal magnetism. Charism is different; it’s more like the source of charisma — in instances where charisma is a power for good. Charism means “divine gift.” It is the special talent God has endowed you with, your gift to give to the world. Because, let’s face it, what is a gift if it is not given? A candle hidden under a bushel basket, that’s what.

What is your charism? Believe me, you do have one. God provides us with a charism so that we might use them to co-create a better world with Him. Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? All it takes, really, is all of us using our gifts to our greatest capacity, all together, like a giant choir, each person adding her own voice to achieve perfectly-pitched perfection.

So here is your task: Determine your charism. What do you have that uniquely equips you to add goodness to the world? Is it your listening ear? Your knack for knowing when someone needs a cheerful word? Your musical ability, or your capacity to heal others? Find it. Name it. Then use it. This world needs all the charism it can get. And when charism becomes charisma, drawing in others to discover the best in themselves, to grow in faith and love, to glorify God in bigger and better ways…well, that’s the ultimate gift, isn’t it?

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