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Wouldn’t it be nice if we had all the answers to every question about life right at our fingertips? A kind of cosmic search engine connected directly to the Maker of Mysteries?  Well, I was asking for answers last week as my faithful four-legged companion neared the end of her life, and while I didn’t get specific answers, I did find that a message was laid on my heart:  I’ll get over.  I don’t mean I’ll get over the hurt of losing a loved one.  But I will “get over.”

“Getting over” means being sustained by faith even in the midst of a storm.  There’s a gospel song called “How I Got Over.”   Not how I got through it; for some of us, whatever’s vexing us is still going on.  How I got over is a different matter altogether.  Let me explain.

I got over the need for every detail to be displayed to me.  I got over the idea that if I’m doing the right thing and have my heart in the right place, nothing bad will ever happen.  I got over the idea that I can pray while sitting on the couch and not walking toward whatever goal it is that I’m praying about.

How I got over is by opening my eyes to reality but opening my heart to possibility at the same moment.  How I got over is by leaning on the Source of my Strength while building up my own fortitude and faculties.

How I get through is not entirely in my hands, but I will tell you till I’m blue in the face:  you can get over, even before you make it through.  You think you can’t just because times are tough?  Get over it.  Yes you can, especially when you look over your shoulder and see Who’s got your back.  You’ll get over, and someday, you’ll get through. Trust me on this one.  I know.


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