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words of loveAs I read Lori’s post last week, I caught myself nodding along.

Last weekend, my church sponsored Sunday Funday. We split into groups and played games, did activities and discussed various things to do with friendship. The group I was in discussed Godly words vs. mean words.

Our session leader drew two trees. One was nourished with Godly words. Beneath this tree, we taped the kinds words that we can say to people. On the branches we taped green healthy leaves. On each leaf was written the positive feeling that these words can bring into people’s hearts.

Beside this tree was a tree nourished with hateful words. Among the roots, we taped harsh and hurtful words. In the branches we taped withered, brown leaves complete with the negative feelings that these words cause.

I love hearing someone use the kind words when they are encouraging one of our youth or thanking someone for doing something special. It is such an easy way to lift someone up.

While most of us would avoid saying the unkind words to someone face to face, I am amazed at how often I see them on signs waved at rallies, on t-shirts or bumper stickers or even in blog comments and on Facebook. We think we are sticking up for ourselves and just letting people know where we stand on the political spectrum. It’s our right!

And yet, we are blinding people to the love and grace that is to be found in Christ. How then can we be truly right when we toss around these hateful, un-Godly words?


A Circle that Is Wide and Unbroken.

This phrase has stuck with me since I read it early this morning. It made me think about how we go about doing God’s work each and every day.

Unless you’ve been in a black out of some kind, or glued to the Olympics, you probably heard about the Chick-fil-a hoo-ha. Both sides have been sniping at each other on-and-on. It sounds like a chicken coop. Dan Cathy’s detractors call for like-minded liberals to boycott the chain. Supporters decry liberals for trying to take away Cathy’s freedom of speech.

That always makes me smile. Did you notice that Christ never once talked about freedom of speech. Not one stinking time.

“Blessed are those who support freedom of speech for they shall ensure the rights of the tedious.”

Okay, that probably isn’t how he would have put it, but he didn’t say anything on the topic. Why? Because our big mouths have a tendency to get us into trouble no matter where we stand on an issue. So often, we would do better to just be quiet.

What could we do while we’re busy being quiet? Some things He actually told us to do:
Accept Him into our hearts,
Understand that we are Blessed through grace, not our own actions
Show His love to others.

In my heart I truly believe that we show His love when we create a circle that is wide and unbroken even in the face of hate. We don’t have to shout back. We don’t need to behave badly.

The students of Texas A&M showed the world just how this could work on July 5th when they surrounded Central Baptist Church in Bryan, Texas. They did this in a show of support for a fallen soldier, a soldier whose funeral was going to be protested by Westboro Baptist church. Watch the video. The A&M supporters shouted no slogans. They carried no signs. They simply stood together, surrounding the church and showing the family their support.

A circle that is wide and unbroken sends a very clear message. We are standing together, showing God’s love to someone who needs it.


Have a Mary Little Christmas

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