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It never ceases to amaze me. When did we, as a society, lose sight of the fact that you could be both a Christian and a science geek? Did you know that Charles Darwin, he who can make a creationist foam at the mouth, was in fact a Presbyterian minister?

Read that again slowly.

Presbyterian Minister.


Admittedly, he may have been schooled in one (divinity) and called to the other (science), but he certainly embodied both.

Meet another scientist who does the same. Alexander Tsiaras is a mathematician and author. He is created a new scanning/imaging system. Initially developed for use in the aerospace industry, he has used it to study human development.

This isn’t a short video but take the time to watch it. You will see amazing, awe inspiring things. How can you see things like this and not see the hand of God at work? Science and God. They don’t have to exist independently.


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