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The week leading up to Father’s Day has been unsettling to put it mildly.  Last weekend, I was on retreat.  The abbey has no televisions, no telephones and wifi only in the library which is open about 7 hours a day.  Sure, I could occasionally find service if I wondered around staring at my phone but I decided to go with the spirit of things.  For approximately 48 hours, my cell phone was nothing but a glorified clock.

It also means that I had no clue what had happened in Orlando until after I got home.  We were out picking up dinner when I saw the news.  My son had to explain to me what had happened.

This was followed by a week of blogs and ads about Father’s Day.  What to cook.  What to buy.  The ten best things to grill.  After my stay at the Abbey and then Orlando, it all felt . . . trivial. No, I’m not saying my husband, father-in-law or father are trivial.  But this?  It was all about being Pinterest-worthy.  Not about being real.

So how are we spending our weekend.  Friday night, we went out for Father’s Day dinner.  Yes, two days ahead but it also meant that we didn’t have to cook after work.

Saturday we are going to a family reunion.  I’m really looking forward to seeing my father-in-law, the uncles and the cousins.

Sunday we have church and we’ll be taking a treat over to my dad at his apartment.  It won’t be particularly Pin-able but we’ll be spending time together.

When God directed us to honor our fathers, I don’t think He had a day of lavish spending in mind, a day of gaudily wrapped gadgets or ties.  If you’re into those things, that’s fine.  We’re more of a fishing and pick up trucks kind of family.  But overall I think it has more to do with listening and spending time together.  Breaking bread and sharing a cup. Spreading His warmth and love and grace. What better way to celebrate our Father than to do as His Son did among the peoples of Palestine?



retreatSometimes you don’t have to travel anywhere for a retreat from the business of life.  The St. Louis area had a significant nighttime snowfall Tuesday to Wednesday.  Plowing didn’t make sense because it was still coming down but schools were canceled.  I loved seeing the number of people on Facebook who were posting about getting to spend time at home with their kids.

I for one am grateful for God’s weather induced breaks.  Snowdays are retreat days.



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