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I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time strolling through the Book of Psalms.  Inevitably, I end up there when I’m looking for a specific topic to write about.  It may be because some of the Psalms are written in a “woe-is-me” tone, and sometimes, I wear that color well!

When you look at Psalm 119, starting at verse 105, everything you need to know and to let settle into your soul is in the first two lines.  And then comes the suffering and the sackcloth and ashes.  But I am in torment!  Everybody’s out to get to me!

The other day, I mentioned to SueBE what I referred to as an odd phenomenon. I told her about some of the challenges I’d been through of late and said, “God put me through a lot.  He also got me through a lot.”  I decided maybe it should be called the God Phenomenon.

So I’ve been trying to understand the purpose of hardships.  Is this some sort of “Outward Bound” for the Soul?  Perhaps there’s a specific number of trials and tribulations we’re required to go through before we reach the state where God says, “Okay, you’ve learned your lesson.”

I’ve decided to let myself stew in this quandary for a brief moment each day.  To actually time myself and let the “Whys?” fly.  Then I make myself let go and let God.  After all, there really is no benefit to paranoia or anxiety.  It only chips away at my personal peace and really doesn’t affect the outcome.  It is what it is and God’s still in charge.  Think I’ll get back to being blessed and let more blessings find me.

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