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The Lord's Prayer

A school shooting was narrowly averted last week in Georgia.  A group of teens are on trial in Oklahoma for killing a college student because they were bored.  Fraud and child abuse.  The list goes on and on.

Add to these the personal tragedies that so many people are dealing with.  In one week alone, I’ve read messages from people who are going through separation, miscarriage and serious car accidents.

Between the national and personal tragedies, it’s hard not to feel isolated and alone.

Fortunately, Christ knew all about that feeling.  He knew what difficult tasks and overwhelming odds would do to our moral.  I think that’s why he gave us the Lord’s Prayer.

Take a look at it.  No one who says this prayer is saying “my father.”  This is a prayer to Our Father.  It isn’t a prayer asking that one person’s needs be met or that this single sinner be forgiven.  This is a prayer for us all.  It covers all of our needs and all of our sins as a group.

When we say it, we are part of something bigger than ourselves.  We are part of the community of believers – across the country, all over the world and throughout time.

And that pesky little discrepancy, debts and debtors vs. trespasses and trespassers?  To me, it works as a reminder.  We may not be alike in every way.  We don’t even pray in exactly the same way.  But we are His and He is ours and we are part of one vast community.  We may feel down and out of touch with society, but we are not alone.


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