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Some days, I just find it hard to sit down and pray. Don’t get me wrong – I know it is important to pray for those in need. I know it is important to pray for those who are hurting or facing financial worries.

I know this.

But sometimes all those problems weigh me down. That’s when its time to break out prayers of praise.

First, I spend some time praising God. No, that doesn’t mean I spend time thanking him for giving me this or that. This is time for praise. This is the time to thank God for being God. Given that I can’t actually wrap my brain around all that entails, I have a tendency to go the St. Anselm route.

“Lord, You are Greater than anything I can possibly understand. You are mightier than (fill in the blank), more vast than (another blank), more merciful than (something else) . . .”

After I’ve done this for a while, I get into thanksgiving and, again, I try not to focus on just my blessings. What has He given those who are also having health problems? Supportive families, medical care, and the ability to connect with others over the phone or Facebook.

When I pray about someone who has financial worries, I might thank God for all of the gifts this person has and then toss in a request as well. “… and if it is your will, may he find a way to use this to support his family.”

If your prayer time is getting you down, spend some time in praise. Thank God for what he has given you and those around you. Focus on what is good, and true and Holy. You’ll still have plenty of time to ask for whatever it is the people on your prayer list need, and you’ll also have a lighter spirit capable of lifting others up into His Light.



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