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Hope is passion for the possible.

This really resonates with me.  The ladies I blog with here already know I am an idea person.  I make connections and see possibilities.  It’s how my brain is wired. But I have also had to come to the reality that not everyone sees these possibilities.

That was the problem in trying to convince the powers-that-be that our church needed a new Facebook page.  Many of them don’t use any type of social media.  Because of this, they don’t understand how it works.  How did we solve it?  We put up the new page.

But sometimes I have to see the other person’s reality.  What is possible for me may not be possible for them.  That’s a hard reality to face when you truly believe in self-determination and doing things by your own effort.  But if I have access to resources that someone else can’t access?  Different possibilities.

Does this mean that everyone needs access to the same possibilities?  I hesitate to say yes.  It is too close to saying that MY possibilities and MY way are THE way.  I guess that’s why I think we all need to be in on the conversation.  I’m far too familiar with my own fallibility to think that my way is the only way.

And so, I remind myself to listen.


I saw a really interesting TED talk on Tuesday.  I’ve linked it in below my signature. Engineer Paul Tasner discussed how he became an entrepreneur at 66.

One of the things that Tasner discussed was the success rate of older entrepreneurs.  Apparently something like 70% of ventures initiated by older entrepreneurs succeed in comparison to something like 28% of those initiated by younger entrepreneurs.

Are you a member of an aging congregation?  If so, I bet I know what Tasner would tell you.  Find your passions and use them to innovate!  Why not be part of that 70% success rate?





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