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Why can’t something just be easy?  Just once.  That’s all I’m asking.

I say this at least once a week.  And yet.

And yet I know that most things worth the effort take effort.  Truly amazing things, like roses, take both effort and planning.

This spring, we’ve added two butterfly bushes to replace two that didn’t make it through one of the coldest winters we’ve had in years.  We’re also attempting morning glories.  Why butterfly bushes and morning glories?  For the humming birds and butterflies.  Taking care of God’s earth is a priority.

So what are you planting?




A few weeks ago, Pastor Sean told a story on himself.  “When I start something new, even something big, I only plan so far.  I spot the first few stepping-stones and start to make my way across the river.  And then, when I’m part way across, I realize that I’m not 100% certain where to put my foot next.  I have to have faith.”

I immediately got what he was saying.  As anal as I am about some things, I’ll set off on a project with only part of the plan figured out.  My husband thinks this is crazy.  He researches and researches and researches some more.  Than he thinks about it and researches again.  All the while, I’m whining and antsing around in the background.  “Let’s do it.”

He’s the safety net.  I’m the innovator.  We make a great pair.

Sometimes I fuss at God wanting to know why he matched me up with someone who is so stubborn.  But I know that truthfully he matched me up with someone who is solid.  Someone who can act as the anchor as I leap into a project with something like 3/4 of a plan.  My husband?  He’d quote Guardians of the Galaxy and tell me I only have 12% of a plan but don’t believe him. He’s just being funny.



How often do you get frustrated when something doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped?  We forget to live in the moment – celebrating the activity of serving Christ, expecting a certain outcome.  We just aren’t that wise.

Plan the deed.  Exalt in a job well done.  But remember that other people have autonomy.  Its how God made us all?



Have a Mary Little Christmas

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