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tree-99852_1920Sorry this is late going up.  Autumn is a crazy busy time for me.  I have a book due in 11 days.  The church rummage sale was this weekend – I donated 7 boxes full of stuff and only brought home 2.  And I had a stomach bug that’s going around.

In spite of the craziness, this is one of those times that I always feel closest to God.  Maybe it’s because the weather cooled off for an entire week.  One day it was 90.  The next it was 65. For a week we’ve had the windows open.  I got to listen to a gentle rain while I sprawled out on the sofa with a book.

Tomorrow we are even having an outdoor service. We had a great pavilion and the congregation is going to gather out there to praise God.  The apartment complex next door will be able to hear our music.  Maybe a few extra people will join us.

Tonight, in preparation, we are going to camp out.  We’ll start with s’mores and tonka toasters.  Then we’ll all sleep out where we can hear the breeze and, less wonderfully, the squirrels.  Am I the only one who wonders how a healthy squirrel can make some of those noises?

Whether you get to sleep outdoors, worship under the open sky or just open the windows as the temperatures drop, autumn blurs the walls that we often put up between ourselves and God.  It gives us a bit of an opportunity to breathe deep, make connections and make some breathing room in our souls.

Maybe that’s why it’s my favorite time of the year.



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