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Last week, I posted an open letter to the Catholic Church regarding their misguided views on contraceptives. But I neglected a salient point. Which is this:

Say you are:

a) a doctor of astrophysics

b) an accountant

c) part of the cleaning crew


a) Notre Dame University

b) Catholic Charities counseling service

c) Sacred Heart Hospital

And you are:

a) Presbyterian

b) Buddhist

c) Agnostic

And your employer does not wish to provide you with health coverage that covers your contraceptives because it is against the Catholic faith to condone such practices. Okay. Wait. What?

The Church has been very clear in decrying Obama’s health plan as religious persecution. However, they have no trouble turning around and forcing the many, many people of differing faiths who work for them to accede to their moral judgments. What if the faith I practice (or don’t) is fine with the use of contraceptives? Who is the Catholic Church to say, “We are right, and you are wrong”?

Well, they are, as ever, themselves. I am a Catholic, and it is the right faith for me. But I don’t ascribe to the “be Catholic or go to hell” philosophy, not one whit. Some people don’t have access to the Church. For others, it does not fit their beliefs. There are a million reasons not to choose Catholicism. And while the Church finds that unacceptable and encourages all its members to inform others of their fundamental misunderstanding of faith and promptly convert them, I’ve never had the stomach for it.

For one, arguments over religious superiority seldom end well. Quite a number of these squabbles turn into wars, either overt or covert. Second, unless someone wants to be converted, is ready to be converted, you will only alienate them. And third (and this is where I turn heretical), I don’t think Catholicism is right for everyone. There. I said it. I believe that any way you can get to God is right. God gave us many ways, many avenues, for a reason. He wants us to come to Him. He has made it easy, giving us myriad practices, myriad outlets. Come to Him through nature — that’s fine. Come to Him through charity toward others — wonderful. Just get there, however you can.

So, again…Catholic Church, I love you. I really do. But don’t cry “bully,” then turn around and bully others. It makes you look hypocritical. And I want you to look holy. Because that’s how we get converts.

Have a Mary Little Christmas

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