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“What is your intention for this practice?” That’s the question our yoga instructor asks before each class.  It might be to become aware of where our body is that day – each day is, after all, different from the one before.  It might be to become aware of our breath.  It might also be to simply take an hour focused inward vs outward.

Do you set an intention for your day?  A goal?  Or do you simply let it happen as it unfolds?



Cuturally, we have an open door at our house.  I don’t care where you are from.  Your religion?  I’m happy you have faith.  You are welcome here.

Mention this in front of white Christians, and you get the most “delightful” questions. I’m using delightful here the same way my Texas grandma used it.  Well, aren’t you just a delight.

Would you feel that way if you met a head hunter?  What about a cannibal?

I’ve never actually met either a head hunter or a cannibal.  But I have met a very wide range of people.  I’ve worked pow wows alongside people from the Native American Church.  I helped proctor a class with a professor who was a Baptist minister but had been honored by the Thai king for his work among Theravada Buddhists of Thailand.  I’ve lived with Muslim students.  Honestly, they made excellent room mates.

Don’t let your fear take you to extremes in your imagination.  Definitely keep your eyes and ears open.  But see people with the love of God. Not through your fear of the dark.


Prayer in action…


Have a Mary Little Christmas

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