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My husband and I had just parked our car at the grocery store. As I got out of the car, I glanced into the car next to me. A quite normal-looking man (conservative haircut, wire glasses) had a large can of baked beans in one hand; with the other, he was scooping beans out of the can and into his mouth.

I was a little gobsmacked by this.

Two days later, still processing the incident, my husband asked where I wanted to eat lunch. “I don’t know,” I said. “We could drive to the grocery store and eat baked beans out the can with our fingers.” Deadpan, my husband looked straight into my eyes and replied, “We would need a nicer car.”

Sometimes life is so absurd, you just have to laugh.

Funny thing, life.
It hands you a joke
disguised as drama,
as awkward as an equine in an overcoat
trying to check out a book at the library.
You could weep at the incongruity,
or seize on the strangeness
and laugh yourself hoarse.
Stop trying to solve things.
Throw back your head.
Throw up your arms. Give in to the odd experiment
that is the universe.
When you’re in on the joke,
God will entrust you with things
you’re too wise to know now.

Will wonders never cease?
Not in this life, nor I suspect, the next.
Snow will silent come, carpeting
our drive with white perfection,
capping our eaves with sugar icing.
The sky will blue, beautiful breakable blue
like the shell of an egg;
people will shock your heart.
Your life will be limned like a graphed sentence;
you will laugh at its complexity, at how
noun meets verb through a tangle
of graceless prepositional phrases.
It could not be any other way,
except that it could be.
You will live forever still shaking your head
at small, furry creatures and the way
the light looks at sunset.
Will wonders ever cease?
Not in this life, nor I expect the next.


Have a Mary Little Christmas

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