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My resolution for 2021.

I am not seriously into making resolutions. I know what I need to do. You know what you need to do. If we were inclined to do it . . . well, we would. Right?

But sometimes we need a reminder. The week before Christmas I wrote this note to myself and left it on my desk.

I had taken a job that sounded like a great opportunity. But every contact I had from them meant more work or less income. And if I had to approach them with a question? Forget it. I never got a response.

It got to the point that I had a tiny tantrum every time they e-mailed me. It was clear that I needed to back out but I kept putting it off.

“Just do it first thing tomorrow morning,” my husband said.

So I wrote myself a reminder note. First thing the next morning I quit. And the last week before Christmas was probably the best week of the year. I felt lighter than air!

There are always going to be tasks we don’t want to undertake that we still need to do. Scooping the litter box. Cleaning behind the refrigerator. Writing ‘thank you’ notes.

But other times we weigh ourselves down. Sometimes it is a job we used to love but now dread. A change in management can turn a great job into an ordeal. Other times it is a volunteer opportunity that used to recharge you but now you dread. Whatever.

When I was waffling about what to do, I read Ruth’s post about calling something a project vs calling it a problem. Take action to change your attitude and your situation. Check! Her post was the encouragement I needed to write myself that note and quit.

Time and time again in the Bible we are told to avoid carrying a grudge, to avoid dragging negatives around with us in our daily life. Sometimes it is a matter of changing our attitude. Sometimes it is time to cut something loose.

Take a look at what you are carrying into 2021. Is there something you need to let go so that you have the space and energy to carry God’s light and love into the New Year?


Lori’s post from yesterday was so timely.  Liberals are complaining about what this person and that person said.  Conservatives counter with some other hateful thing that a liberal said.  All of the comments are dehumanizing and need never have been said.  But then one person disagrees with someone else and you’d think the sky was falling.

And so often it just doesn’t make sense.

What was being discussed wasn’t even about the person who has taken it all oh-so personally.  And it isn’t that I never do this.  Oh, no.  There are days where I Am the Queen.  Usually it means that I need to take a step back.

Why?  Because what has upset me didn’t have to.  I let it.

There will be upsetting things in this world.  There will be suffering.  As Lori pointed out, we ran right over to the Tree of Knowledge.  That decision has made for a life of suffering.

But what someone said in response to a post, a meme or a comment?  That’s small in comparison.  We all need to learn to let some things pass.




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