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no teacher

Recently, I came across an amazing quote about prayer.

“Prayer needs no teacher.  It requires dialogue, effort, and personal ardor, and then God will be its teacher.”

–St. Meletius the Confessor.

Not sure how to pray?  The steps are very simple.

Talk to God.

Try to pray.

Love God.

God will teach you.

The thing is that God wants us to reach out.  He is the parent (Mom or Dad) who just wishes that their tween or teen would quit texting their friends and speak.

When you do make an attempt, he isn’t going to sit there and judge our efforts.  He will take your best or your worst.  He will listen.  He will reach out in love.

Many of us have been discouraged by someone whom we have looked to for instruction.  We have been put down and now we wonder if we can possibly get it right.

If you are trying to pray to God, then you are praying.  It is that simple.

Do it and you do it right.  Just be sure to listen for what He has to say in reply.  Hear and you will learn.


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