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There’s a little more truth in that statement than I care to consider some days.  But I still have to admit that it’s true.

I didn’t want to teach adult Sunday school again.  I just don’t have time to do it justice.  But one of the other women agreed that together we would teach judges.

I’m not going to say it’s been a blast.  But in teaching this, I realized how little I knew about this critical book of the Bible.  Just in reading the text of Judges, I learned a lot.  I learned even more in the conversations with our pastor.  And I came out of it all with an idea for a work related project.

None of this would have happened if I had taken the easy route.  The view from the top of the hill really is worth the climb.


Human beings are fallible.  We prove that on a daily, or sometimes on hourly, basis.  Yet, we so often choose another human being as our touch stone.  When that person fails us, we feel lost.  We get angry.  We pitch a fit.

I truly think that’s half the reason we feel so shocked when our idols stray.  How dare they mess up when we are looking to them for guidance?

But people stray.  Check out the book of Judges and see how often “the people sinned in the eyes of the Lord.”  I’m always a little surprised that the author didn’t add “again.”  The people sinned in the eyes of the Lord AGAIN.

So why do we keep looking to each other to guidance when we have God?  God who stuck by Israel?  God who hears our prayers?  God who shows us the way if only we will remember to listen?





How often do you have a great idea that you chose not to pursue because you don’t know how to make it happen?  It all starts with education.

Way back when, that meant finding a class.  It might be continuing education at the local community college.  Or a state extension program.  Now you can Google it or search on Youtube.   You can also find a wealth of online classes or you can go the old school route.  Take a class.

A friend and I are preparing to teach a Sunday school class on Judges.  Yeah, Judges.  We didn’t pick the topic but I’m glad I said yes.  I’ve learned a lot including the fact that if something is God’s calling, it is going to require change.  You are going to have to figure out how to make it happen.  Your comfort zone may be comfortable but what needs to happen probably won’t happen there.

Let God by your guide.  Learn what you need to know.  Lean on Him for the drive you need.  Because in him, all things are possible.




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