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I’m not sure why this is the hymn I think of when I think of counting my blessings. Perhaps because it is one of the most joy-filled songs I know?


Advent -- Lighting the third candle.

This third Sunday of Advent, we light the the Joy Candle.

Have you felt Joy yet this Christmas season?  Pastor Helen reported seeing it in the faces of the parents as their preschoolers put on a Christmas program.  I saw it yesterday when I handed my son a loaf of homemade bread — his great-grandmother’s recipe and a Christmas tradition.  Wednesday we went to my son’s first choir concert and I heard it as one of the two soloists cut loose and sang from the heart.

For me, that’s the easiest place to find Christmas Joy.  In music.  Apparently, I’m not alone — here are just a few of the joyful songs I found to share with you this week.

Joy to the World

Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

What is it that brings Joy to your life this holiday season?  Scripture?  Then perhaps you’d enjoy Psalm 100.  You know something?  The Psalms were meant to be sung.

Share the Joy that you feel during the Advent season.  Some people don’t find it as easily as others.  There will be days you have troubles finding it.  Connecting with another  joy-filled heart is one means to light your way.


Another one of my favorite hymns.


Have a Mary Little Christmas

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