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In her post this week, Lori wrote about those who believed the Rapture would occur last weekend, and I agree with her premise.  No matter what you might think about such people, you have to reluctantly appreciate their total commitment to what they perceive as the truth.  Still, it was painful to see the dark side of faith illustrated so vividly.

Maybe all it takes to form a religion is for someone to create a moral code and then share it with the world.  Is that enough?  I wonder what would happen if somebody decided to form a religion around the Jedi Knights from Star Wars.  Would anybody buy it?  Oh, wait!  Somebody did.  The “Theology of Jediism” has followers around the world, and they take it quite seriously.

So what is true?  And who speaks for God?

Well, I’m still figuring that out for myself, and, as Thomas Merton said, “The fact that I think I am following Your will does not mean that I am actually doing so.”  None of us can really know for certain that we’re on the right path, but most of us (though, this story shows, not all of us) know in our bones when we’re on the wrong one.  The right path isn’t judgment and paranoia.  It’s being in it for the long haul, making reasonable choices and entrusting the rest to God in prayer. Not as dramatic as light sabers and alien invaders, maybe, but sure beats hunkering down in a bunker and scanning the sky for mushroom clouds.

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