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It is the little things that mean a lot.  I thought of this when I read Ruth’s crowded house and sharing space with wildlife.  I live in Missouri and it is warming up enough that humming birds are moving back into our area.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with these tiny little birds, they do not have tiny personalities.  My father-in-law generally has about 10 humming birds that come to his deck to feed.  As they try to bully each other away from the feeder, you hear a cacophony of humming bird squeaks.  And the birds at my grandmother’s in West Texas would come up to the porch when the feeder was empty.  Step outside and a bird would hover beside your face.  “Hey!  Hey, you!  Fill ‘er up.”

To put it mildly, I love humming birds.  So I’ve got one feeder out front and another out back but yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that I had yet to see any.  I had my back to the window.  “There’s a bird on the feeder now.”  I thought my husband was being funny, but I turned and there it was.

No one dared to leave the house until the tiny bird had eaten its fill.  Soon my sage will be in full bloom and the humming birds will have a feast.

Growing blossoms that feed them and mixing up their special sugar water helps me feel connected to God’s creation.  I may not be able to calm the seas, but I can feed a handful of tiny birds.



I thought of Miss Ruth’s post from yesterday when I saw this quote.  We all have two choices in life.

  1.  Be a mediocre copy of someone else. This doesn’t mean you have to copy someone else but if you are constantly contemplating what they will think when you X, Y or Z?  You are more their person than you are yourself.
  2.  Be ourselves.

I was raised to be #1.  The most commonly heard chorus at home was “What will the neighbors think?”  As an adult, I realize that if the neighbors are spending that must time thinking about me, their lives are sorry indeed.  But I spent a lot of time as a teen considering every single action.  Occassionally I would break free and do my own thing, but not often enough.

Then came college.  At that point in my life there were too many neighbors to keep everyone happy.  I had to find my calling.

Whether your calling is to be a teacher, a doctor or a parent, there are others doing the same thing.  Your job?  Bring your own special way of doing things to this path that God has put you on.

Sometimes I worry that I’m a bit too myself.  Maybe just maybe I should tone it down.

Then I run into a friend I haven’t seen in years.  Before taking her Mom to chemo, she goes on Facebook to check out what the rest of us are up to.  “Keep posting, please!  You always crack me up and I need that.”

3 parts sarcasm.  2 parts irreverant lip.  What do the neighbors think?  At least some of them get it and that’s good.  Because this is the me that God made.

Find your calling.  Find your light.  God made you to be you.  Not to be me or Ruth or even Lori.




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