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Today is World Wide Communion.

As a Presbyterian, I happen to think that the way we celebrate communion is pretty awesome. We have what is called open communion. That means that as long as you accept Christ, you may take communion.

Not a member of our particular church? That’s okay.

Don’t go to a church in our presbytery? That doesn’t matter.

Not even a Presbyterian? That’s okay, too.

All you have to be is a follower of Christ.

World Wide Communion emphasizes that even more. No matter where you live, how your church worships and how you take communion, we are all joined together in an outward act that celebrates something that happens inside each and every one of us as we accept Christ into our heart.

Our politics may differ. We may not agree on pivot issues like abortion, gay rights, the death penalty, and environmental protection. But in this act, we celebrate Christ and his sacrifice for us. This unites us all within our communities, across our nations and even world wide.

How mind bogglingly awesome is that?


Have a Mary Little Christmas

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