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Rehearsal was Thursday and I’ve had this wretched song stuck in my head ever since. No, it isn’t actually wretched. It’s Caribbean and way upbeat. Wretched doesn’t accurately describe the song, but it does describe the experience of having the chorus stuck in your head for four days.

“Halle halle halle hallelujah.
“Halle halle halle hallelujah.”

I mentioned it to a teen who sings in our choir. “It’s stuck in your head because it’s like a jingle.”

A jingle for Jesus. He’s right. Just like a jingle it’s been in my head for days and, no doubt, is going to be there for days to come. After all, we’re singing it on Easter which is funny since this is a Christmas song.

Why sing Christmas songs at Easter? Why not sing an Easter song? Easter music is grand and intense. It’s magnificent as befits something as serious as the crucifixion.

Yes, being nailed to a cross is serious business but we get hung up on it and it weighs us down. We have to be so good to be worthy of such a huge sacrifice. Are you good enough to receive his word? And that’s something we focus on way too much – Worthiness. We forget that we are saved, not by our worthiness, but by His Grace. Isn’t that amazing news?

And that’s where Halle Halle Halle comes in and makes sense. I can see it carrying His people down the aisles and into the world to spread the News to all. Imagine the spring in our step as we carry out his work with a chorus of Halle Halle Halle in our heads and in our hearts.



Have a Mary Little Christmas

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