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Recently, we’ve been working as a congregation to discern God’s plan for us.  Discernment is tricky.

We want our marching orders to involve the things that we consider our strengths.  Studying Judges has brought home for me that that is not how God works.  The people God picks are often too unsure to be military leaders (Gideon), to tangle-tongued to speak publicly (Moses), and just too self-centered to be religious leaders (Mathew the tax collector).

And yet, these are the people God chooses.  From day-to-day they may not have known what the big picture was.  They just knew what God wanted them to do.  Now.  Tomorrow? That wasn’t always entirely clear.

But that’s okay.  Step by step, we can build something grand.  We just have to hear the instructions.


God never promises that it is going to be easy.  Today in Sunday School, we began our discussion of Gideon.  Gideon was one of the people who God chose as a judge.  Except for Deborah, judges weren’t judges in the sense that we use the word.  They didn’t sit in judgement.  They were leaders, warriors.

But Gideon was a timid man.  He lived at a time when the Israelites hid in caves.  They had to sneak out to harvest their crops and thresh grain.  If those occupying their lands saw them preparing grain, they would swoop in and take it.

Gideon was hiding what he was doing, threshing grain in a wine-press.  He was not a bold man.  He asked for sign after sign, unsure that he was hearing God’s message correctly.  Gideon had a lot to overcome.

What is God calling you to become?  It probably isn’t something easy.  If it is, you would have done it already.   There are almost surely obstacles in your path.

Still, you hear God calling.  Look up.  Look around.  What are you being called to do?





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