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My horoscope for today really spoke to me.  “Oh, what the heck. Haven’t you held on to this long enough? Sure you have.  Look at your present, and forget the past.”

And I tried to think of the present and the hopes I have for this particular day, but my mind kept flipping back to yesterday.  Yesterday was a hard day. I won’t go into it and bring you all down because today is a good day.  I had to let it go. Yesterday is in the past.  Even whatever happened this morning is already in the past.

Sometimes we might think of life as all or nothing.  But I have this huge problem hanging over my head!  Or, there seems no answer to this long-standing, gut-wrenching, heart-breaking issue.

Maybe it’s about taking human bites.  Keeping in mind that we’re all human, we’re all trying. About assuming that everyone else is trying their best, even when your teen-age son shines you on as you ask him to get up.  “I’m up,” he says, curling up even deeper into the warm blankets, eyes sealed shut.  You stand over him, arms akimbo, and start to seethe.

“Honey?”  No response.  “Time to wake up, sweetie.”  After a few minutes, there are signs of life. “Huh?”

“You fell back to sleep honey.  Time to get moving.”

“What do you mean, Ma?  I was up the whole time!”

Count to ten, self.  Breathe, woman!  Let him think he was up, as long as he’s up now.

In fact, let them all see the world as they see it.  Let the people delude themselves if they need to.

Don’t let it change the hope you have for this day.  Today is a good day.

Things you read in the news can make you cynical.

Like John Edward, the former presidential candidate who cheated on his wife with Rielle Hunter, a campaign photographer.  At one point, in an interview with ABC news, the network said that Mr. Edward “made a point of (saying) that his wife’s cancer was in remission when he began the affair with Hunter.”  As it turned out, it wasn’t true.

Or the New Jersey couple accused of abusing Sammy the dog.  The man in this case told local media initially that he had found the dog on the side of the road in deplorable condition and made himself out to be a hero.  “Who would do that to a dog?” He said, playing to the camera. Turns out, he would.  He and his estranged wife had owned Sammy for nine years and had left the dog malnourished and unable to walk.  

Let everyone else see the world the way they see it.  Even if they’re not telling you the whole story, you tell your own tale.  Even if somebody isn’t quite the real deal, you know what’s true.  Faith, family, friends.  Perseverance, purpose, prayer.  The things that light you up from the inside are the things you should always focus on.  It’s what will get you through the hard times and give meaning to your life. As we say in Jersey, I’m not pulling your chain when I say this:  today is a good day.

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