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I think 2019 is in cahoots with 2018. Dare I use the word “collusion”? It’s largely my fault, I guess. Every year, I give my life over to God, and every year I end up trying to run things myself. It is an easy trap to fall into, especially since sitting around like a lump waiting for God to pick me up and move me remains a nonstarter. What does allowing God to direct one’s life look like? And what is a soul to do when she cannot see the signs pointing the way? Write poetry, I guess.

For too long I’ve been onstage
listening for whispered cues —
“Never?” “Whether?” “Wetter?”
Can’t the prompter’s voice better carry,
especially as I’ve had no script to study?
Oh, my improv’s improved over the years;
I’ve studied every school from Method to
Methodist. Faith informs my performance
but gives no stage directions. The audience is restive.
I see them thumbing rotten fruit. I don’t want my end
to be ignominious hook, though I’ll not ask for ovation.
Might the director step in? His lack of notes befuddles.
What I have is old, a blurred third-hand translation
of transcendent art, the only visible word, love.
This will not get the audience seated, let alone
feed the cast. Yet the play goes ever onward.
Scenes change, scenery shifts, the crowd holds its breath.
Line, please.

FollowOur women’s circle is studying Exodus and one of the things that we discussed last night is teaching vs. law.

In older translations of the Bible, the Ten Commandments are laws. Break this and you will be punished! Given our record for not managing to do the tasks God assigns us, this is pretty ominous. We’ve failed in the past. We are likely to fail again in the future. That doesn’t bode well for our chances of success.

But think of them in terms of the more modern translation, a translation that more accurately captures the meaning of the Hebrew word. The Ten Commandments are teachings. We are students to be taught. We are students to grow into this knowledge.

It’s a very subtle difference, but doesn’t it make you feel more hopeful? I didn’t get it right yesterday, but I’m a student of God’s Teachings. I can learn. You can learn. Together, we can learn to follow Him.


Have a Mary Little Christmas

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