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It is all to easy to announce that we are totally okay with change and then start making demands.

Quit being intolerant.

Don’t be prejudiced.

We’ve all had enough of your assumptions. Stop it.

And quit using straws, get a Prius, become vegan … the list goes on.

But the moment that someone asks us to change, what?  I’ve already done this, this and that.  I do NOT need to change any more.  I am just fine the way I am.

Hmm.  When we talk like this, it sounds like we are claiming perfection in spite of the fact that, like all people, we are flawed.

If I want someone to change, I have to show them that I too am willing to change.  I know this.  Really I do.  But it is definitely something I need to work on because it is not the habit it should be.


I am:

Proud of my confusion.
It makes me a better person.
It forces me to think things through
before I run them by God.

Blessed by my doubts.
They make me widen my world
and not just circle the wagons
immersed in my own little dogma.

Grateful for fits of rage.
It reminds me there are things to stand against
and things worth fighting for.

Pleased to be saddled with the burden of choices.
It means I’m creating my own life,
eyes open, head up, hands clasped, soul first.


Have a Mary Little Christmas

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