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Family PrayerWhenever a new year rolls around, I examine my life for things I want to improve.  One of the things that I targeted for 2014 is my prayer life which has, embarrassingly enough, grown stale.  I couldn’t think of what to do about it, so I pulled my family together on New Year’s Eve for a quick brainstorming session. 

The solution that we came up with wasn’t for my prayer life alone but for our entire family.  In 2014, we are going to focus on family prayer time.  Meeting in the living room (there are no electronics in this room), we discussed the various things that we have each been praying for and those we think we should be praying for as a family.  Then, my husband led us in prayer.

If your family doesn’t have a prayer tradition, you may need something to help you get started.  Here are four suggestions:

  1. An announcement board.  Use a bulletin board to post prayer concerns.  Family members could also pull specific prayers from the board, retreat to a quiet location, pray, and then return the request to the board for the next prayer.
  2. A blessing box. Each family member is invited to thank God for something specific, write it on a slip of paper and add it to the Blessing Box.
  3. A prayer circle.  Everyone sits in a circle.  One person starts the prayer, praying for the person to their right.  That person is the next one to pray, offering up a prayer for the person on their right and so on.
  4. A prayer tree.  When your family prays for something or someone, you hang a prayer flag from a tree in your yard.  Each flag on the tree represents a group prayer.

What does your family do during their prayer time that others might find helpful?



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