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During the holidays, there are many wonderful things to look forward to, like dinner with family, gifts being exchanged, and seasonal music on the radio.  But as we settle into Christmas Eve, have you noticed the general sense of being frayed-around-the-edges?  People are stressing over getting all the presents they need, putting cards in the mail, and cleaning house for the relatives coming to visit.

What we need right about now is a compilation of feel-good viral videos.  Here are my nominees for the most epic heroes of the year, 2013 edition.

Happy Holidays, All!



It was the first time I’d ever gone to Victoria’s Secret.  I wasn’t looking for some fancy frou-frou lingerie; I was just thinking it was time to get a little support in the upper regions.  So I skulked in like a tourist in a foreign land, and instantly, a sales girl approached me and attached like Velcro.

“Are all of the bras padded?” I asked naively.

She blinked twice. “Well, most are, because that’s what everyone wants.  Here are a few that aren’t.”

I held up one, and, though it was less padded, it still seemed cushiony.

“They all seem padded,” I said.

She smiled. “We prefer the term ‘lined.'”

“But if you’re not Dolly Parton, isn’t that kind of like false advertising?” I asked.

“Well, we prefer the term ‘enhancement.'”

Maybe everything in life is about the way you frame it in your mind.  If your cup doesn’t runneth over, so to speak, maybe it’s no sin to embellish your assets. And even though this analogy is kind of a stretch, maybe – like those padded bras – everything in our lives should be cushioned.  Maybe even the news should be filtered and softened so it’s easier to digest.

The word “gospel” translates to “good news.” You might not even realize that good news exists if you only look at the news programs running all day on television.  But there really are people in the world who do good things and expect no reward, like the man who lifted a car off of two injured children and didn’t wait around for recognition. I also loved the story from Guideposts Magazine about the whole town that adopted foster children, and the story of an unsung hero on the California Highway Patrol determined to save despondent people from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

SueBE’s wonderful post this week about a waiter who stood for what was right is an inspiration too, and Lori’s post about the beauty of kindness fed my soul in a glorious way.

Let me know if you find any positive stories about kind people doing good things.  I’d love to start my day with a nice cup of coffee, inspirational stories and a powerful dose of prayer. Now that’s an instant uplift!

Have a Mary Little Christmas

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