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As march thunders to a close with a calendar chock full of Holy Week activities and more, I find myself a little down.  A little blue. Slightly discontent.

It could be me.  A personal flaw.  A tragic leaning.

But I talked to several others who have lately shared this same feeling.  Especially when that is the case, I think that we can agree, something in our environment needs to change.

Just this week, we lost a friend to cancer.  He suffered only a short while but he will be missed in our choir and our hearts.

Things have also been hectic.  Part of that will naturally end this week as we pass through Holy Week.  But I think I need to pay more attention to the calendar and make sure some fun things get scheduled.  I’ve been sitting on 4 tickets to the botanical garden, a bookstore gift card, and a restaurant gift card for about 7 weeks now.  No time!

I think that needs to change.  Some time Easter weekend I think I may be taking my husband out for a date night and using one of my gift cards.

And as long as I’m planning things, I think it is time to get another Wool Gathering (knitting and craft night with friends) on the calendar. We all need to see a shift in our environments.



I have to admit – I’m a bit notorious around church for avoiding meetings.  And that can be a problem because there are two things that Presbyterians are really enthusiastic about as a denomination.  Potlucks and meetings.

But I actually enjoy going to meetings of the committees from various churches in our area.  We discuss what has worked, what hasn’t worked very well at all, and share a variety of resources.

In many ways, we are very different people.  There are wealthy urbanites, suburban retirees and a handful of us that are self-employed.  We have ministers, gardeners, and one writer (me!).  But we all care deeply about this Earth and when we get together, you can definitely feel the presence of God in the room.

Some people minister from the pulpit. Some of us work on encouraging our congregations to recycle and switch to more efficient lighting.  Why? Because it is true.  For us to be healthy, this Earth must also be healthy.


Have a Mary Little Christmas

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