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This photo reminded me so much of the conversation that Ruth and I have been having about desire and drive.  Not that it is this cold here anymore.  Now we have that delightful combination of wet and border line freezing temperatures.  Is that a puddle or is it ice?  I find it safest to assume ice even if I end up looking silly.

But I’ve been thinking a lot the last few days about the awe inspiring people in my life.  There’s the recent widow who is trying to help her son cope with their loss while coping herself.  There’s a friend whose husband just went into rehab but won’t let anyone take over her tasks at church.  They seem to be giving her something she can actually accomplish.  My yoga teacher drives 30 minutes to teach us all twice a week while coping with her lupus and arthritis.  She also frequently watches her two grandchildren.  Miss Ruth here carries a jazzed up cane to hold herself steady while she looks for inspiring moments to share with all of us.

God definitely helps us find the gumption to keep moving when it would simply be easier to curl up in a ball.

Thank you to all of you amazing people that inspire me every day!  God has truly blessed me and so many others through your example!



I’d love to be thinner.  And my house.  I want it to be neat.  Social justice?  The environment?  Yeah, I hope things get better there too.

But the problem is that I realize that change require more than hope.  It requires action and we just can’t act to fix everything.  It just isn’t possible.

So what does change really require?  Desire.  Drive.  Determination.  If we have these things, we will work to make change happen.

This means that my house will probably stay messy but I’ll keep working for social justice.  One of the things that I’m doing is reading a book – Waking Up White by Debby Irving.  As a start to facing racism head on, our presbytery has asked everyone to read this book. And each church needs to host a conversation of some kind.

What kind of event will we host?  I don’t know.  We haven’t gotten that far but we are determined to do something and four of us have started planning our event.  Desire.  We’ve definitely got that.  Fortunately with four of us working together we’ll keep each other moving forward.  We think we can.

Where are your desire, drive, and determination focused?



Have a Mary Little Christmas

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