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Last night as I slept, some random driver ran over my mailbox. They didn’t stick around to apologize or offer to replace it. As you can imagine, I started my day in a bit of a tiff.

It was just one more thing that stuck in my craw as my week got underway. Last week, I found out my car had been recalled.

It will be at the shop for some time, possibly a month. “Do you know there are three recalls on this car?” The mechanic asked me. I almost said, “Just my luck,” but, fortunately, caught myself just in time.

I remind myself every single day that I’m blessed. My luck, by and large, has been good. You might say, but you have health issues and, like many people, you’re not rich. How is your luck good?

I’m lucky because I live in America. When I read that women in some countries have no rights, and may not even leave the house without being accompanied by a man, I can’t even fathom such a life.

I’m lucky because I can speak my mind. When I read that peaceful protests over the lack of a government investigation into the coal mine disaster in Turkey were met with tear gas, I was utterly dismayed.

I’m lucky because I can practice my faith. When I read about the Christian woman in Africa recently sentenced to death, I was beside myself with outrage.

I began to realize that most people in the world would consider having such problems as a broken mailbox insignificant, and I got my attitude back on track. Getting over those bumps in the road is really a matter of trust, when you get right down to it.

The other day, I saw a sign on my neighbor’s lawn that said, “No Trust Passing.” I was amused by the misspelling, but I realized it was oddly appropriate. After all, if you don’t pass the “trust test” you should not be allowed to enter into our lives.

Even though we all face challenges, the best way to tough them out is to lean on the faith we hold dear. The only One who always passes the Trust Test is the God we can count on, whatever may come.

“Please let her have an easy rest-of-the-day,” I said.

Someone in my life who’s been an encourager and a real resource for me and my son was having a hectic day, so I said a silent prayer for her.

I paused in my prayer as I realized… wait a minute… she wouldn’t want that!

Not that she doesn’t want an easy day, it’s just that she’s not daunted by a hard day or a challenge. Her job is actually to problem-solve, and she does it with great aplomb. Nah, this lady loves a project.  She’s a can-do girl; she loves to get her hands on a thing that needs to be accomplished and just, well, get-r-done.  She’s a DIY sort; her idea of a relaxing vacation is tearing out the kitchen floor and doing some demo.

“Let me amend that prayer…Please give her a good rest-of-the-day,” I said to God.

When I talk to this can-do girl, I feel like she’s fully listening to me and completely on my side.  So I decided to pray that everyone she encountered would be on the same wavelength: reasonable, compassionate, and open-hearted. And that whatever situation arose, all the players would be working toward the same goal.  Now, this might not be as potent as asking God to give her a miracle or a million dollars, but I think the net effect for this can-do girl will be the same:  a good life with a sense of purpose and a feeling of community.

After all, just because a day has challenges doesn’t mean it’s not a good day. Most of the time, we handle large issues and keep on moving, but what really adds a nice vibe to a day are the small moments.  I decided to pray for unexpected interactions that lift us up or lighten our load today:

  • A fascinating project to get your hands on and keep your mind percolating.
  • A windfall of warmth so that everyone you meet today is in a wonderful mood.
  • An interesting (and respectful) philosophical discussion with strangers at the bus stop.
  • Having your bangs fall into the right place in the morning without power tools and plastered-on product.
  • A day with a “just because” friendship card in the mailbox (and not one bill or piece of junk mail.)
  • The best milkshake of your life – so thick you can stand a straw in it.
  • Pleasures – not problems – that come in threes.
  • A fluffy dog on the couch, waiting for you to pat her head.

A day filled with bona fide blessings isn’t necessarily one that’s problem-free.  It’s one you can meet where you are with prayer and persistence, secure in the knowledge that you’ll be provided with what you need to create a meaningful, marvelous life.

May you all have a good rest-of-the-day!


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