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Instead, You direct me on the path that leads to a beautiful life. As I walk with You, the pleasures are never-ending, and I know true joy and contentment.

Psalm 16:11,“The Voice” Bible Version

Before becoming a Freelance Writer, I had many a “day-job.” Some of my best memories from office jobs I’ve had over the years were from times in the break room.

One day, I sat down next to Mike, a health food and fitness buff. He nodded to me and continued carefully unwrapping a clearly nutritious, but aesthetically unsettling, snack.

“Yikes,” I said, before I could filter the facts and muzzle my mouth. “I mean, uh, interesting-looking snack, Mike.”

“I know,” he said, waving a hand as if to say, it’s okay to speak the truth. “Carob chip soy cookie. No sugar. No fat. No wheat flour. All nutrients.”

It looked different from any cookie I’d ever seen before. Kind of grey and lumpy. A bit misshapen.

“Does it …taste… good?” I asked.

“Well,” he said, gnawing on the cookie and the question, “I think if you’ve never had a chocolate chip cookie in your life and… as you eat it, if you remind yourself that it’s good for you… then it’s okay.”

“Not exactly a ringing endorsement,” I said. He nodded and chewed away dutifully.

Another time, I ran into an old work colleague I hadn’t seen in a while and she seemed glum. Back in our break room days, she was witty, warm and so full of life. Then she agreed to an arranged marriage that was beneficial to both her family and her husband’s. I asked how married life was treating her.

“Well, I guess all things considered….if I really think about it… if I had to say one way or the other, it’s … better than being single. I suppose. Yeah.”

If you don’t know that life is supposed to be good, you might accept a less-than life, thinking that’s your only option. Let me break it down like this. If you have to convince yourself that something works for you, here’s a newsflash: it doesn’t.

Being a believer isn’t supposed to be about rules and regulations. Toeing the line so you don’t anger God. Faith is a heart condition. And you are the only one of your kind.

Break the chain of “it’s always been done this way,” or “this is what everyone else wants me to do.” This is your life, and it’s a gift. Don’t put it on the shelf and let it gather dust. Break it open. You never know what a bountiful blessing it might be until you take it into your own two hands and let ‘er rip.


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