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I just read my dear friend, Lori’s, post and it really moved me.  It reminded me of a strange thing that happened to me and, of course, relates to my recently-passed pooch!  Doesn’t everything?

Last fall, I had a dream that my dog, Sheena, was talking to me.  Oh, what a sweet little breathless voice she had!  She said, “You resty?  Get uppy.”  Then she walked around the bed and said, “Mine end parts.”  Okay, crazy dream.  I got up and she really was walking around the room, waiting for me to “get uppy” and feed her.

As time went on, she developed serious issues related to her inner ear, got arthritis in her back legs and went blind in one eye.  So I took her to the vet frequently, but never asked them to actually investigate her “end parts” based solely on this crazy dream I had.

Then two weeks ago when she had trouble doing her business in the yard, I took her to the vet and they said she had a massive tumor in her rectum.  It was aggressive and there was nothing more that could be done.  In mere days, it was over.

So now, I’ve been reliving the day of the crazy dream, telling myself, if only I had listened. My dog was telling me her “end parts” were hurting.  I should have told the vet to check her out.

But the fact remains: I didn’t know what I was listening for.  I heard what I knew in my heart already, that I should do my best to take care of my dog based on what seemed to be wrong.  So I can berate myself for what I missed, I can wish that I truly was a mind reader, or I can realize that all God really asks is that we do the best we can.  And that will have to be as close to “comfort” as I can achieve right now.  We can’t actually move mountains or see into the future.  If we could, we would actually be God.  And that job, as we all know, is already taken.


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