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Each summer our church choir takes about two months off.  Last night was our first rehearsal of the new season.

Our choir director likes to stack the deck, as she puts it.  We are starting the year with three pieces we have sung in the past and something new.  The new one is a fast moving challenge with the feel of a call and response.  Whether it is sung by 12 or 50, it has a big feel.  But have I already pointed out that it is FAST?

Just trying to get the words out that fast is a challenge.  Never mind trying to read them and the notes at the same time.

Fortunately our choir director knows what she’s doing.  We will work on one section at a time, working out mistakes and polishing it until it shines.

Note by note, drip by drip we will move toward an anthem that while complicated is do-able.  All it takes is a good leader and the ability to follow direction much as we follow the directions of Christ.


I love this quote.  Love it.

For me it serves as a reminder that too much of any good trait can become a bad trait.  I am direct.  Often painfully so.  I suspect that it comes from growing up around women who took forever to get to the point.  What do you want me to do?  Just tell me!

As a result of dodging the passive aggressive card, I often “cut to the chase.”  I have been told that I am occasionally intimidating.  Somewhere there has to be middle ground but I have yet to find it.

I suspect that the answer lies in love.  See those around me as God’s children just like me.  See his spark lighting them from within.  Remember that they may not be doing it my way, but that’s okay.  No one said my way was the only way.  It is simply another way to do it.

Hmm.  That might work.  “Here’s another way we could do it…”  “Here’s something I think we should try…”


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