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Yesterday, my yoga instructor posted a new video for the class.  With no idea when we will again be able to meet, her husband records while she talks us through a session.  It isn’t the same as an in-person class but that isn’t really the point.

It is so easy for us to focus on what we’ve lost — freedom of movement, the ability to gather with friends and family, and even emotional security.  We just don’t feel as safe as we did three months ago, and that’s tough if you’ve always taken a certain level of comfort and safety for granted.

This isn’t something we can fix with a breathing exercise, a meditation, or a series of stretches although all of these things can help.  So can taking the time to create.

Creation is both powerful and empowering.  Maybe that’s why I’ve been cooking up a storm.  In the last month, I’ve made an apple pie, two cakes, lasagna twice, and herbed Italian bread.  Right now I’m trying to decide what will be next – a pumpkin pie or cinnamon bun bread. I’m also knitting and crocheting and gardening.  My husband and son have joined me outside, putting in garden beds and building a tiered gutter garden to grow greens.

None of this is going to solve everything but I can share what I bake with friends – dropping packages at their cars after drive in church.  My mother-in-law has already asked for tomatoes although all we have right now are blooms.  And the knitting and crochet will both be shared.

And then there’s the fact that I’m a whole lot happier when I’m working with my hands.

What can you create?  Our Lori is a poet, spinning words into powerful observations.  Miss Ruth creates connections, looking for the positive stories that lift people up.  We are in and of the Creator.

So create.


Our pastor has been doing a really interesting sermon series on the living waters of God.  Living waters is a term I learned only last year.  Living water is river water, creek water, ocean water, lake water.  It is water as found in the natural world.  It changes its landscape.  It sustains life.  It shapes the world.

Our church has recently made the decision to end several long time activities.  We simply don’t have the young muscle power needed to put on a rummage sale that fills the fellowship hall.  We used to.  And we did for over 20 years.  But the neighborhood just doesn’t come out like they used to for these events.

Through this sermon series Pastor Sean is encouraging us to find what it is Christ would have us do instead. We are being called to be his people in a troubled world.  And we have to figure out where that is.  And the funny thing about being Christ’s people is that he will tell us.  We simply have to listen.  If we do, we will find ourselves creating a new opportunity to come together, to serve him, and to help others.

Change.  We can create it because we are children of the Creator God.  We simply need to listen and follow Him.


createSummer is an exhausting time for me.  I’m a tried and true introvert.  I need my quiet time.  My quiet time keeps me sane.

But school is out and my son is a competitive swimmer.  Swim meets are not only full of people, but also full of sound – starting pistols or sirens and lots and lots of cheering.

Sometimes it is more than an introvert can stand.

My solution?  A new knitting project.  I’m making an A-line tank top with braided shoulders.  I’m not very far yet – at this point the shirt is less than two inches long.

While I can’t knit when I’m working a swim meet or interacting with my son’s friends, I make time every day to retreat into a world made up of bright green yarn and circular needles.  It enables me tighten my focus to just that point in front of me where needle crosses needle and pulls the yarn through.

As I focus, I let my mind wander.  Sometimes I consider the events of the day. Sometimes I pray.  Lately, I’ve been praying for my son’s swim mates as they leave the pool.  Other times I pray for family and friends.

Lately, I’ve been knitting while I wait for swim camp to let out.  I sit in the car for 5 minutes and create.  Just sitting and being with yarn and needles gives me the time and space to open myself up and hear. It gives me the room I need to breathe.  And by the time the kids come out of the pool, I am ready to greet them with a kind word and a smile.

If you are feeling stressed, find something to do with your hands.  One of my friends weeds her garden.  My mother got out her sewing machine.  Tighten your focus and let your mind go.  Listen and feel. When you are done, you may discover that He has planted a seed in your heart.



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