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It’s hard for me to imagine living religiously pre-Christ. It seems like every second or third thing made you unclean.  This, of course, meant that you had to pay for a sacrifice and various cleaning rituals so that you could once again enter the temple and come before the presence of God.

Until something else made you unclean.  And simply living as a female would do put you into that category.

But Christ’s sacrifice took us out of that world and into this one.  By His Grace, we are made clean.  Period.  It isn’t through our own actions but is His Gift to Us.

What a cause for celebration!  Take a minute an enjoy this festive Easter song .  This isn’t the choir at Florissant Presbyterian Church, but it is the anthem that we sang today.

Sing, rejoice and celebrate!  You have been made clean.


Have a Mary Little Christmas

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